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company policy

Because "Bella Donna" respects the privacy of users of the websites it manages and operates (hereinafter "the Sites"), it has decided to publish its policy regarding the protection of privacy on the sites, and it undertakes to the user to comply with this policy.
The purpose of the policy is to explain what "Bella Dona" practices are regarding the privacy of the users of the sites, and how "Bella Dona" uses the information provided to it by the users of the sites or collected by it when using the sites. The provisions of these By-Laws apply equally to members of both sexes, and the use of masculine pronouns is for convenience only.
The Company may at any time, in its sole discretion, update  These Terms and Conditions.


Information about you is collected when using the website services. Some of the information identifies you personally, ie in your name and your contact details. This is the information you knowingly provide, for example when you sign up for services on websites. Some of the information does not identify you personally and is not stored together with your details. This is statistical and cumulative information. For example, advertisements you read on the site, the pages you viewed, the offers and services that interested you, the Internet address (IP) from which you applied and more.
These terms apply to the use of the website and the services contained therein through any computer or other communication device (such as a cell phone, tablets of any kind, etc.). They also apply to the use of the website, whether via the Internet or through any other network or means of communication.

The company and the management of the site do their best to present the most complete and comprehensive information about the product including images, notwithstanding what is stated in this section, it may be clarified that may appear on the site in good faith and without malicious intent and / or out of desire , The management of the site and the site will not bear any responsibility arising from the inaccuracies and / or errors.
The chapter titles are provided for the convenience and orientation of the customer and will not be used in the interpretation of the regulations.
A super mistake in describing a product / s will not obligate the company.

The product images on the website are displayed for illustration purposes only. In addition, there may be differences in appearance, color, size, etc. between the product, as displayed on the site, and the product in reality. Printing, etc., for any other purpose.
The date recorded, for all intents and purposes, on the company's computers is the determining date for everything.

Registration for services

To the extent that personal information is required when registering on the site in order to receive additional details about "Bella Donna", you will only be required to provide the information directly necessary for the purchase of the products. Everyone, including a company, may use the site, including making purchases through the site Legal binding, credit card holder  Valid, issued by one of the credit card companies (above and below: "the customer").
When registering on the site, the customer must enter a username and password as well as his e-mail address. If the customer forgets the password, the existing password will be sent to him as entered during the initial registration on the site to the email address entered on the site. In the future, if and when the customer requests to purchase additional products, the customer will be identified by the name of the customer and the password he has chosen. The customer's details will be updated in accordance with the data that will be filled in by the customer in the online registration form found on the website. The management of the site may from time to time require additional identification information. Without derogating from the above, the company may prevent any person from using the site, temporarily or permanently at its sole discretion and without giving prior notice, including in any of the following cases: committing an illegal act and / or violating the provisions of the law; Violation of any of the terms of these Terms and Conditions; Intentionally providing incorrect information; Performing an action that may impair the proper operation of the site and / or any of the suppliers and / or any third party; The credit card held by the customer has been blocked or restricted for use in any way.

payment options

credit cards




Cash (self-collection only)

* It is not possible to pay in cash to the courier

Purchase products on the site

The purchase of the products will be made by adding products to the shopping cart, after adding products to the shopping cart the customer will enter the following customer details in the online form in the order process: first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, in addition the recipient's details, name Private, last name, telephone number, locality, street  House, floor, apartment, entrance and any other identifying details that he can assist the delivery operator to easily locate the property to which the order is made, including comments and information regarding the delivery operation and / or if the recipient of the order is not at home. The fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in and without them the order will not be completed.
In order to avoid any possibility of a malfunction in the delivery, the customer must provide only accurate and correct details. When completing the order, the customer will confirm the order details and the correctness of the details he provided. Filling in all the details is a prerequisite for placing the order in order to place the order efficiently and without incident and therefore care must be taken to provide all the details accurately. The customer's details will be updated in accordance with what is stated in the online order form on the website. Filling in all the details required for the purchase of the product by the customer will be considered for placing an order (hereinafter: "the order") upon receipt of the order, the site will perform an inspection
Of credit card details and only after the credit company's approval and / or after receiving confirmation from Pay Pal as explained below, the operation will be confirmed and a final confirmation of the order will be issued, the customer's charge for the product will be made through the credit card and / or PayPal account as explained below. The products are in stock at the company and the website. The details as entered in the order form by the customer, will constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the actions.

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