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The brand

Bella Donna's brand of scissors for hair stylists is well known and loved among professional hairdressers around the world. The possibility of purchasing Bella Donna scissors products in Israel, brings Israeli hair stylists the quality and professional tools to them, in order to allow them quality tools that will allow them to flourish creatively and professionally.

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On the source of the tools, country of manufacture and product quality

In the production of professional barber scissors there is importance to the question of where to buy hair scissors. When it comes to luxury book numbers, the country of production, the quality of the raw materials and the professionalism of the manufacturing company are very critical.

Unlike many cheap products, where there is no big difference between the cheaper Chinese production and the more expensive European production, when it comes to professional scissors for a hair stylist, the raw materials the manufacturer uses matter, because the more selected and prestigious the raw material, the longer the scissors will last.

Bella Donna Scissors Up To The Barber Shop At Equal Prices To Any Professional Hairdresser

If you are looking for scissors for cutting hair, you should know Bella Donna. The company specializes in the marketing of quality scissors for hair stylists.

The brand, which started in Italy, has spread around the world and produces the professional scissors in a number of factories around the world. Bella Donna now offers its prestigious scissors for books in Israel, at special prices, free shipping and fast delivery of only four business days.


Availability and services

We are always available for questions and consultations. We are aware of the fact that the wide range of scissors can confuse even the greatest experts, so we are here to guide you to the right tool for you.

Feel free to call, send WhatsApp or fill out the contact form:

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