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The perfect Max Repair dry and damaged hair restoration kit is the best thing you can give yourself!
As you already know, dry or damaged hair needs constant help,  With care in the right dose for strengthening, flexibility and a pleasant feeling.
And this is exactly what Max Repair care kit has for you which includes 4 great hair care products that contain the best ingredients that can be found. Responsibly!


A perfect hair restoration kit that includes:

  • Max Repair mask for hair restoration
  • Max Repair shampoo without SLS
  • Serum for restoring dry hair
  • First Aid ampoule for dry hair restoration


All products contain a lot of love for hair, which is felt from the first use!


Shampoo without SLS

Hairless shampoo without SLS suitable after straightening - 500 ml

Overlap every day? Every other day? once a week? Add to your grooming routine a SLS-free shampoo unique to each hair type.


Max Repair Hair Oil

Hair serum oil - 100 ml

A nourishing serum envelops and protects the hair fiber. Provides protection from heat and daily protection from environmental damage. Restores split ends, gives shine and volume and leaves a soft and pleasant feeling.


Max Repair hair mask

Hair mask - 500 ml

A hair mask nourishes the hair with an intensive dose of therapeutic ingredients for strength and elasticity and forms a protective shell.


Max Repair hair ampoule

Softening ampoule for hair

First Aid ampoule for hair. Intensive care for dry, very dry and damaged hair. The use of an ampoule gives the hair shine, softness and a silky touch from the first treatment.


Treat yourself today!

ערכת הצלה לבלונד סילבר לשיער -"Save the Blonde" - לשיער בלונדיני ובהיר

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₪180.00Sale Price