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Prestigious Shear Numbers | 5.5 inches | 5 Stars | SK1


  • Agile and aggressive scissors

  • Suitable for men's books and daily workload

  • Amazing scissors, great, luxurious and spectacular

  • Dark rose gold titanium coatings
    A spectacular piece of engineering art with a pleasant feeling in the hand that increases the desire to cut and advance in the field of hair

  • Suitable for cutting, wrapping, point cuts, chop cuts and creating layers of dry hair

  • Sharp and smooth cut without pushing hair, even in thick and dry hair

  • Feeling of a soft cut

  • Good for working with a comb

  • Offset handle for ergonomic grip

  • Hidden middle screw with bearing in precise direction

  • Strong and reliable

  • Suitable for all  Shearing technique

  • A jewel that attracts the attention of customers

  • Stunning Japanese metal tools

  • Scissors that last a long time and are suitable for a large workload as long as they are maintained
    And give them the love that comes to this work of art

Prestigious Shear Numbers | 5.5 inches | 5 Stars | SK1

700٫00₪ Regular Price
460٫00₪Sale Price