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Prestigious Shear Number 7 inches | 5 Stars | SK1


  • Japanese metal VG10 at a very high level

  • Blade shape suitable for surfing

  • For those who are interested only

  • For senior hair stylists who are willing to invest to get the best and smoothest level possible in hair cutting

  • Metal that is considered in the group of the top and highest quality in metals of scissors

  • Shear and surf numbers suitable for point cuts and chop cuts

  • Amazing scissors

  • Excellent quality

  • Suitable for all cutting techniques and all types of grip

  • Very strong scissors

  • Blade difficulty level 61-63

  • Lasts for years

  • Resistant to daily workload

  • Aggressive and strong

  • It is important to keep them!

  • Rare tools

Prestigious Shear Number 7 inches | 5 Stars | SK1

1٬150٫00₪ Regular Price
780٫00₪Sale Price